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"The only source of knowledge is
experience." - Albert Einstein

Company Profile

Company Profile

KS Consulting is a multifunctional risk management company, dedicated to providing corporations and companies high quality security consulting and investigation services.

Connected with a diverse and highly experienced international network of professionals, KS Consulting delivers work in an accurate, timely and cost effective manner.

KS Consulting offers specialised services to national and international legal firms and other select risk management and investigation companies.

KS CONSULTING was formed in 2010 by internationally experienced owners entrusted with long term relationships with global corporate clients.

Initially established as a corporate investigation company; KS Consulting has diversified through client demand into a multi-functional provider of core services adapted and flexible to clients’ needs. The core services of KS Consulting are:

  • Brand Protection and Investigations

  • Loss Prevention

  • Risk Assessment and Security Design

  • Executive Protection and Event Security

One of the main strengths of KS Consulting is blending proven professionals in the commercial and business fields who understand the client with experienced security experts who are creative and delivery orientated.

The business ethos of KS Consulting is to establish long term relationships, sustainable growth, deliver value to clients without compromising ethics and transparency, and share in success.


Brand Protection and Investigations

As infringers and counterfeiters become increasingly sophisticated in both local and global territories, it becomes more and more challenging for corporations to protect their brand value and intellectual property.


KS Consulting employs a dedicated team of Brand Protection professionals who are specialized in anti-counterfeiting , trade mark infringement and intellectual property investigations with the following services provided.

  • Multi-media and on ground market research.

  • Market and Price surveys

  • Internet Monitoring

  • Site visits

  • Test purchases

  • Evidence gathering and handling

  • In-depth investigations

  • Detailed, concise and accurate report writing

  • Training on behalf the Brand owner

Loss Prevention

Protecting the bottom line to maximise profit requires effective Loss Prevention programs and strategies. KS Consulting provides the following services as full program or by component resource.

  • LP Management and Compliance Policies for vertical and horizontal organisations

  • Enterprise Security Risk Management Assessments

  • Trend analysis and predictive indicators of Loss Runs, Incidents and Shrinkage

  • Development and implementation of  LP reporting and analysis systems

  • Oversight and implementation of Loss Prevention audit programs

  • Development, production and implementation of Crisis Management Plans

  • Training relating to all components of Loss Prevention Program

The Supply Chain Audit assesses company's supply chain organization, processes and metrics versus industry best practices. KS Consulting provides the following services in order to assist the companies to improve their supplier controls while improving quality and supplier relations and reducing costs and risk. 


  • 'Local knowledge' which will have an impact on the final result and follow-up actions, particularly when exploring risks such as intellectual property loss and counterfeiting.  

  • In-depth analysis of company data

  • On-site visit with all supply functions, support functions and facilities

  • Comprehensive analysis and customized report with specific actionable recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of the supply chain and positively impact the bottom line.

Risk Assessment and Security Design

From enabling business in hostile environments to
developing a new build project in a greenfield site,
KS Consulting provides risk assessment and security
design services to meet these requirements:


  • Risk Assessments based on ISO 31000 to inform final security design

  • Security Design Concept for during Development phases

  • Security Specifications, Cost Estimate and Space Allocation

  • Operational requirement Schedule of Security specifications

  • CAD mark up plans on issue of schematic plans and drawings

  • As Built Drawing and Turnover Package review

  • Review of Install Contractor Submissions

  • On Site Systems Commissioning Review 

Executive Protection, Travel and Event Security

Travel security and hosting special events requires the right decision
making in choosing a: location, city, journey plan, accommodation
and on ground support resources with balanced risk awareness in mind.


KS Consulting has unrivalled experience and insight of event management, travel security and Executive Protection through specialised knowledge of the travel/hospitality business reacting to:


  • Travel/event safety and security assessments,

  • Travel/event safety training and seminars

  • Pre and post travel/event briefings

  • Executive Protection and dedicated 24/7 on ground event support



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Solution Partner

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